Automatic Islet Cell Counter


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  •   The Islet Counter is used to generate cell counts of sample quantities of isolated pancreatic islets. The ICC system enables the user to reliably and repeatedly quantify the islet equivalent (IEQ) in less than a minute. Islet quantification is based on the Clinical Islet Transplantation Consortium (CIT) protocol. 

    The software yields the number of particles (IPN), the IEQ, and also sorts cells by size groups according to cell area. 

    In addition, the user obtains: the area covered, the B-factor, a size group IEQ contribution pie chart, and distribution statistics such as a size group histogram. Also, an Excel® report can be generated with the push of a button. The software allows image archiving for documentation, training, and verification purposes. 


    Islet total area
    Dimensional measurements
    Automatic sample detection and ROI creation
    ROI refinement by user
    Automatic cell detection and thresholding by SNR sweeping across RGB spectrum
    Advanced adaptive segmentation algorithm
    3 Step Process: 
    -Acquire: Auto-detect sample and create ROI
    -Shoot: Takes snapshot; selection, segmenting and counting occur automatically in less than 8 seconds
    -Report: Automatically generates an Excel® report

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