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  •   The Ricordi® Chamber is Biorep’s flagship product and it has become a must for a successful isolation. For islet isolations, different size chambers can be used according to the size of the organ being processed. The chambers are available in a variety of sizes: 50, 125, 250, 400, 500, 700 and 1000 ml. The larger chambers are used for adult human or pig organs, and the smaller chambers are for infant, mice, dogs, and primate organs.

    The new version of the molded Ricordi® Chambers are offered in two different sizes: 500ml and 600ml. Both models are available as disposable or autoclavable versions. These chambers have two entry ports in the base which replaces the sprinkler-type disk. The chambers can not sit flat on the countertop due to the change in the entry ports, so an autoclavable preparation stand might be a desired accessory. The female luer connector for the thermoprobe is still located in the side of the base of the chamber. Please, refer to the featured drawings for more information.

    Autoclavable chambers are available in two materials, stainless steel or plastic (Ultem - Polyetherimide). Ultem is a tough, rigid, high-strength thermoplastic that can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures and repeated sterilization. The chamber has a translucent, light amber color. It is available in the 500ml or 600ml size.

    The disposable chamber material is Durastar. This material has sparkling clarity, excellent toughness, and chemical resistance. This chamber is sold individually packed and sterile. It is available in the 500ml or 600ml size.

    All materials used to manufacture the chamber, are biocompatible, sterilizable, nonporous, non-leeching, and nontoxic.

    To monitor the temperature inside the chamber, two different options are offered:

    1. Female Luer fitting for Biorep Thermoprobe (most popular). 
    2. Thermowell connector for BNC thermocouple.

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