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  •   The Perifusion System is used to perform in-vitro testing of islets of Langerhans. These cells act as natural sensors of glucose in the pancreas. We have developed a Perifusion System which enables a group of islets to be bathed with different solutions containing varying concentrations of glucose and/or secretagoges in a controlled temperature environment. 

    The perfusing fluid is pushed by a peristaltic pump through a sample container with the islets, and the perfusate is collected in a 96 well plate for further analysis. The well plate moves automatically accordingly to the number of sample containers in use and the preset sampling rate. The well plate is kept to the desired temperature using an external water or alcohol circulating unit. 

    The system can accommodate one to twelve sample containers at a time. The Perifusion System can be used as a tool to assess the quality of the islets prior to transplantation. 


    1. Touch-screen interface

    2. 96-well plate compatible (standard or deep-well)

    3. 12-channel precision peristaltic pump

    4. Accurate chamber air temperature control

    5. 96-well plate cooling system

    6. Automatic fluid handling sytem

    7. Customized protocol implementation

    8. Available in Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic versions

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