COBE 2991 Cell Processor

Model:Cell Processor

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  •   The industry standard was set by COBE 2991 Cell Processor more than 3 decades ago as a dependable tool in the laboratory for different cell processing applications. The increasing popularity of global cell therapy research, innovative clinical trials, and laboratory advancements make this platform even more important with its variable spin times as well as speeds needed for automated component centrifugation.

    It is made for application flexibility. It also permits quality cell processing for reproducible outcomes. It has a steel casing and made from durable stainless. A corrosion-resistant model is also available.

    The platform is capable of deglycerolizing products that were previously frozen, producing bone marrow concentrates, washing blood for autologous reinfusion, performing cell concentration as well as media exchange, and separating of density gradient.


    The COBE 2991 Cell Processor offers an alternative to labor-intensive methods for the separation of cell products, such as manually layering blood over a density gradient separation medium using conical tubes. These methods involve a large number of operator steps and manual pipetting techniques that require significant practice, introducing variability and the opportunity for operator error.


    Automated processing puts control at the user’s fingertips. Protocols can be easily programmed for efficient, reproducible results, while saving time and reducing the number of manual operating steps. For maximum flexibility, nearly all aspects of operation can be controlled manually. Intuitive operation saves training time, requires little technical support and reduces opportunity for operator errors.

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