TH-5 Thermalert Monitoring Thermometer


 This economical, easy to use thermometer is intended for continuous monitoring in the hospital or laboratory. The digital display reads to 1/10°C. For safety, the unit is battery operated and batteries will last for 1200 hours.

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  •  In the hospital, TH-5 is used with Physitemp's clinical probes such as the RET-1 rectal probe and SST-1 skin probe or with our new line of disposable temperature sensors.

    In the lab: TH-5 is used with any of Physitemp's fast reading microprobes and special animal probes. For example, RET-2 is a rectal probe for rats; IT series flexible microprobes can be used for tissue implantation, measurement of small volume liquid samples, rectal temperatures in baby mice, etc.; MT-D is a fast-reading surface microprobe.
    For lab applications where strip chart recording is needed, the TH-5 can be supplied with analog output.

    Large Digital Display
    Reads to 1/10°C in clinical range 25-45°C
    High Stability
    No calibration necessary
    Low voltage batery operation
    Long Battery Life
    1200 hours



    Temperature Range


    25 to 45°C




    Instrument Accuracy


    0.1°C ± 1 digit



    Conforms to National Bureau of Standards tables. Monograph 125



    1/2" liquid crystal



    Four "C" cells

    Battery Life


    1200 hours continuous

    Analog Output


    Optional, extra cost. Approx. lOmV per degree C

  •  Please call for details 

  •  Please call for details 

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