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  •  In applications where clinical accuracy is not mandatory and cost is a consideration , the BAT-7001H is Physitemp‘s most compact, low cost thermocouple thermometer.

    The Model BAT-7001H is a high performance, precision hand-held instrument for the measurement of temperature using Type T (copper-constantan) thermocouples. This versatile instrument measures temperature in both °C and °F. The internal memory of the micro-computer stores the minimum and maximum measured temperature for instant recall via the LCD display. BAT-7001H operates on a 9V battery.

    If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your application, please feel free to contact our Applications Department..


    Small & Compact

    Accepts all Type T Thermocouple Probes

    Resolution 0.1°C

    Accurate to within ±0.7°C

    Low Price

    Dual Scale readings in either °C or °F

    Stores ‘Min’ and ‘Max’ Temperature readings




    Temperature Range:


    -90 to 400°C, -130 to 752°F



    0.1°C 0.2°F



    ±0.05% reading. ±0.7°C or 1.3°F
    Accuracy is specified for operating ambient
    temperature of 23°C ±5°C.
    Cold junction error for thermocouples.
    For operating ambient temperature from
    0°C to 18° and +28°C to 50°C, add an
    additional error of ±0.03°C/°C or 0.03°F/°F.



    3/8” high, Liquid Crystal Dispay

    Power Supply:


    9V transistor battery

    Battery Life:


    60 hours continuous



    0.5 lbs



    2.75” W x 6”D x 1.5“ H

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  •  Please call for details 

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