TCAT-2 Temperature Controller


 TCAT-2 Temperature Controller "Animal Temperature Controller"

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  •  TCAT-2 Temperature Controller with RET-3 Temperature probe and HL-1, Heat Lamp

    Our new TCAT-2 family of general purpose PID Autotuning Controllers provides accurate temperature control in a variety of laboratory applications. Combined with a heat lamp or heating pad, the TCAT-2 may be used to maintain the body temperature of anesthetized animals during surgery or stereotaxic procedures. Small animal cages are easily warmed with a heat lamp. The TCAT-2 may also be used in cooling applications, such as to control independent perfusate cooling systems. Realizing that laboratory applications are diverse, Physitemp can provide several versions of the TCAT Controller. The model specified depends on whether a laboratory has a general or specific need for the controller:

    This version controls only AC powered heating or cooling devices such as a heat lamp. It is the least costly.

    This model provides a low-voltage DC output for electrically sensitive applications where AC frequencies might interfere with other monitoring devices. It comes standard with a built in DC power supply designed to operate with our HP-1M Heating Plate for small rodents. The TCAT-2LV utilizes a dual set point control circuit to prevent a heating element from overshooting the control point due to thermal lag in the control system. This is an important feature in preventing burns due to incorrect control settings or faulty feedback sensor. On a custom basis, we can provide a variety of DC power supplies Depending on the load power requirements.

    This is a combination version which includes both an AC outlet for controlling primarily resistance loads such as heat lamps, AC powered warming blankets and a low-voltage, low-noise" DC output for heating pads. This version allows you to control a variety of different loads.

    All TCAT-2 versions may be used with any of our extensive line of accurate Type T thermocouple probes, which act as the temperature feedback sensor. Most commonly used are the RET series of animal rectal probes, but the IT series of implantable flexible probes and MT series of needle probes may also be used depending on the specific application. All instruments are designed to operate on a 110V or 230V AC supply.

    The unit comes in a durable baked enamel painted aluminum housing. Adjustable front feet allow the user to raise the front of controller to provide a more convenient viewing angle.

    A heat/cool switch is provided when using the controller with cooling devices such as small refrigeration compressors or thermoelectric stages. In the cooling mode it inverts the control function and shuts off the load when feedback sensor temperature falls below the set point. A small lamp on the front of the control unit indicates when power is being applied to the load.

    The TCAT-2 is simple to set-up; connect the feedback sensor to the animal and to the back of the controller, connect the heating pad, blanket, lamp or cooling device to the appropriate outlet on the rear of the controller. Adjust the set temperature as required (lower green display) according to the instruction label on top of the instrument. The set temperature is stored in memory after the unit is switched off.


    Controls heating blankets heat lamps or heating pad.

    Can be used for both heating and cooling applications.

    110 to 230V AC line operation

    Control Range of -100 to +400°C

    Resolution 0.1°C









    ± 0.5°C



    Ambient +2° to 60°C



    Dual display of Set (red) and Run(red) temperatures

    Max AC Power Output with resistive load


    700 watts (Does not apply to TCAT-2LV)

    DC Output Rating:


    TCAT-2DF and TCAT-2LV: 12V DC, 2 Amps Max. Custom output voltages available upon request(Does not apply to TCAT-2AC)

    AC ground leakage current


    less than 1 millamp at 110 V AC

    Dual Setpoint Protection Feature


    TCAT-2DF and TCAT-2LV onlyadditional heating pad feedback sensor prevents temperature exceeding 45°C.



    7 1/4" W x 4 3/8" H x 10" D



    Less than 5 lbs.

    Power Supply


    110V or 220 V AC

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  •  Please call for details 

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