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Model:Custom Thermocouples

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  •  Physitemp Instruments provides high accuracy OEM thermocouple probe assemblies to many prestigious medical manufacturers who incorporate temperature monitoring into their products.  Physitemp is a manufacturer of proprietary high accuracy thermocouple wire in a variety of wire gauges and insulations for different applications.  The wire gauges include 44, 40, 36, 30, 26, 24 and insulations comprise polyurethane, isonel, polyimide, TFE and FEP Teflon, PVC and nylon.  

    The size and shape of the thermocouple sensor is accurately controlled by the use of a laser microwelder whose settings allow precise and repeatable welds without the insulation damage normally associated with gas and arc welding techniques.
    We can supply both insulated and non-insulated thermocouple sensors depending on requirements utilizing a polyester heat shrink cap or small polyimide tube with a medical grade adhesive to both encapsulate and seal the sensor. 

    Terminations methods can include bare stripped ends, stripped and tinned ends and standard or custom  thermocouple connectors.

    Convenient  packaging is available in individual tube or reels to facilitate processing at the OEM’s  facility.  Alternative methods of packaging are available at customers request.

    In each step of production we test our products 100% to ensure continuity, physical dimensional stability and temperature accuracy. 

    For those customers who need thermocouple instrumentation, Physitemp can also provide technical assistance in the design of highly stable and accurate temperature monitoring equipment.

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  •  Please call for details 

  •  Please call for details 

  •  Please call for details 

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